Shutoko Digital & Design Co.,Ltd.


Shutoko Digital & Design, is an infrastructure inspection Company.

We are working with a combination of proven, known and new advanced technology to meet existing and future challenges in the maintenance and safety of infrastructures.
We are maintaining roads, air and seaports to the highest standard with the lowest cost as possible.
We are using and managing big data, modeling data into 3d models via BIM/CIM, for planning and construction.
All this is possible with our experienced employees and years of experience with infrastructure projects.
We continue to advance to meet our clients expectations and beyond that. Our company is looking forward to working with you in the future.

Seiya Tazawa



Company Name Shutoko Digital & Design Company Limited
Head Office 4-6-15, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004, JAPAN
TEL +81 3 6721 5860 / FAX +81 3 6721 5863
Date of Establishment 24 January 1995
Capital 40,000,000JPY
Employees 40(June 2022)
Representative President: Seiya Tazawa
Excective Managing Director: Akira Saito
Board Director: Masaaki Chatani
Executive Officer: Takahide Okubo
Summary of Business  Planning, inspection, investigation, surveying, diagnosis, conception, research, probation and development for buildings, infrastructure and its facilities
 Planning and developing geospatial information and technologies, image improvement technologies and robotic technologies
 Investigation and research on road design and transportation technology
 Civil engineering work
 To obtain intellectual property rights and to sell systems engineering and software
 Comprehaensive leasing and rental business